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3 Money Saving Solutions for Divorce

Solution #1
Financial Neutral

Helps Ensure Your Financial Future

  • First, working together saves thousands of dollars
  • Second, you provide all financial documents
  • Then, you discuss topics such as child support, alimony, income, assets, liabilities, taxes, pensions, retirement accounts, etc.
  • Next, you review your budgets
  • After that, decisions are made on support payments and division of assets and debts
  • Finally, your financial statements are ready to be submitted to court
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Solution #2

Your Impartial Guide

  • First, you discuss your options, it is your divorce not someone else
  • Second, you start with your goals
  • Always, ask questions when you are unsure
  • Next, it is time to start working on your parenting plan
  • Then, you will review all the financial information to determine support payments and division of assets and liabilities
  • Finally, you are ready to reach a fair and lasting agreement to be submitted to the appropriate court
  • In mediation, you make all the decisions not the divorce lawyers and the court
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Solution #3
Guided Do-It-Yourself

You Have All the Control

  • First, you have a limited budget to spend on your divorce
  • Second, you have agreed on the finances, property, debts, taxes, etc.
  • Next, you have a working parenting plan; if applicable
  • Yet, you are looking for help to finish the paperwork
  • Also, you want documents that are acceptable to court
  • So, you might decide on a la carte services – you only pay for what you need
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Divorce Guidance at a Price People Can Afford

It has been said that a divorce is the second most stressful event a person can experience, it is only second to losing a loved one. Unfortunately, people make bad decisions when stressed. Above all, you need complete and accurate information to avoid making bad decisions when under stress.

Sadly, many people end up back in court after getting divorced because they did not understand their finances. Therefore, it important for you to not make the same mistake. Do you really want to wake up one day and say, “What the f@#*&! was I thinking when I made that decision?”  Probably not, so please do not let this happen to you!

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Divorce Decision Sliding Scale

Look at our Divorce Decision Sliding Scale – designed to help you to understand which service might me right for you.