How We Work

How We Work with Clients – Resolution that Meets Your Needs

Pro Se (“for oneself”)

This means without an attorney and refers to a person representing themselves in court. With the escalating cost of legal fees, pricing many consumers out of the traditional retainer‐based full representation model, more and more consumers are choosing to represent themselves. This doesn’t mean you wouldn’t need guidance.

Divorce Mediation

A confidential, usually voluntary form of structured negotiation designed to help clients reach an informed agreement with the assistance of one impartial mediator and avoid the distress and expense of litigation.

Collaborative Law

A team approach to resolving a dispute; our role as the financial neutral: to help clients understand and evaluate options around the financial piece; without the costly expense of multiple experts.How We Help – Plan and Protect Your C.R.A.D.L.E.
So you are able to remain self‐sufficient during and after the divorce; there is life after divorce.


A review credit profile, analyze individual and joint debt, preserve credit rating by implementing recommendations.


Discussion of the benefits, risks, pros and cons of your divorce options, to include: pro se, mediation, collaboration, limited assistance representation, arbitration, litigation and hybrid.

Assets and Liabilities

Compile, organize, analyze and value.


Review and analyze support payments or receipts, discuss the right fit for your
parenting plan to include child care, insurance, college expenses, etc.

Lifestyle Analysis

Comparing income and expenses before and after divorce to highlight areas of
spending that will need to be altered if the goal is to maintain the current quality of living.


Discuss changes to wills, trusts, and other legal documents.