Divorce Chant: Does This Sound Like You?

We don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a divorce

We don’t want the courts controlling our lives and our children

We want to work together to reach a fair agreement

If this sounds like you, then the Certified Divorce Planning Institute of New Engalnd can help you with a more cooperative, efficient, and less costly approach to separation and divorce.

We Help You

  • Make more well‐informed decisions
  • Guide you and provide clarity and confidence
  • Develop a plan for you, your children and for your financial future
  • Save money by providing a lower cost alternative
The Benefits
  • Personalized service … we take the time to understand your specific situation
  • Non adversarial – we help you to reach agreement
  • Less Stress – no courts, no attorney, and no judge (is this true???)
  • Unbiased Financial Planning – we act as a neutral and never push financial products
  • Unique Solution fit to your needs

We have the experience and sensitivity to make your transition efficient and emotionally peaceful. We handle child support, alimony, spousal support and divorce. And, if you desire, we can also I help you to stay married.

The mediators at Divorce Planning Institute of New England will work with you to write a memorandum of understanding that is fair to each person. That understanding will be the basis for your court approved divorce agreement

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