Divorce Mediation

About Divorce Mediation

People use mediators to reach fair agreements and to avoid the distress and expense of litigation, and for good reason. Studies show that mediation results in:

  • Significant financial savings for each person
  • A settlement that reflects the goals of each person
  • Better adjustment for children
  • Improved communication between ex‐spouses
  • Reduced federal and state tax consequences
  • Cooperative parenting skills
  • A fair and reasonable settlement

CDPINE: Our Goal – A Cooperative & Efficient Approach

Although divorce can be an adversarial and expensive process, we are able to provide something different: a cooperative and efficient approach to separation and divorce.

To help you to make well‐informed decisions with clarity and confidence regarding your children and your finances. The mediators at the Certified Divorce Planning Institute of New England will write a memorandum of understanding that is fair to each person.

CDPINE MEDIATION: Helping Clients Since 2008

Our institute has guided clients to create an equitable solution for their divorce. Our goals are to help you conserve financial resources and minimize emotional turmoil by creating a cooperative approach on the issues of a divorce settlement. A mediator writes an understanding that is fair to each person and does not disadvantage either party. We will demystify the legal divorce process so that your court appearance is brief and your settlement acceptable to the family and probate court judge.

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CDPINE is Distinguished

  • The only combined divorce planning and mediation practice in New England
  • The reputation founder, Frank J. Farley
  • Highly experienced mediators
  • Significant financial savings for clients

Satisfied Clients

Former clients demonstrate their satisfaction by referring new clients to us and, in fact, referrals account for over 90% of our business. Providing a first‐rate service is the basis of our success.

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