The evidence to date suggests that mediated settlements in marital disputes simply last longer and work better than adjudicated settlements because the parties who helped craft the settlements have a greater stake in making them work.
Joe Mange , The Massachusetts Special Commission on Probate & Family Court Procedures
“Frank saved our divorce!”.
Wife, , Financial Neutral/Collaborative client, Norfolk County
“The help Frank gave us allowed us to proceed with ending our marriage. We were able to clearly discuss difficult financial issues without animosity or hostility. Working with Frank helped to make a very difficult and painful process much easier to complete.”
Wife, , Financial Neutral/Pro Se (DIY) client, Stoughton, MA
“I would recommend working with Frank for many reasons. First, he always provided me a quick and concise response and offered translations of legalese. During an emotional time for both parties, Frank’s demeanor is one of professionalism, which I found to be worthy of emulation. I believe that this professionalism alone would be of value to any couple going through the divorce process, using this ability to wade through difficult emotions to get to an agreement point. The help and information I have received from Frank Farley has been without a doubt invaluable.”
Wife, , Divorce Planning/Pro Se (DIY) client, Duxbury, MA
“Divorce is never easy, even when it is amicable. There are many things to consider when ending a marriage, and finances are high on the list. My husband and I did not want to engage dueling attorneys who would ultimately diminish our financial resources while enriching their own. Our marriage counselor suggested that we speak with Frank Farley. It seemed reasonable to speak with someone who was not only knowledgeable but trained to look at the whole financial picture of someone contemplating divorce.”
Wife and husband, , Divorce Planning/Pro Se (DIY), Norfolk County
“I am sure that most couples looking to end their marriage will not be as amicable as we were. Anger, resentment and distrust will cloud their judgments. When this is the case it would help immensely to have a neutral party help with financial issues. I have already recommended Frank Farley to a friend and would not hesitate to do so again.”
Wife, , Financial Neutral/Pro Se (DIY), Norfolk County