Emotions Involved in Divorce

To prevent damage to yourself and your children, it is imperative that you understand the emotional impact of the emotions involved in divorce and the divorce process on both your life and your divorce settlement. It is very difficult to carry on a normal life when you are going through one of life’s greatest stresses, when you are emotionally “at your worst.” These emotions are very much like a temporary mental illness directly related to the divorce; they will definitely diminish as the divorce is settled.

Let’s look moving beyond the Emotions Involved in Divorce

Two years from now you may look back at today and wonder if anyone noticed your “craziness” during your divorce. You will vaguely remember and be grateful that you have survived as well.

You will heal!

The only thing that could delay this healing is giving in to some of your darker emotions and choosing to wage a battle with your spouse.

If you choose a cooperative approach instead, you will heal sooner rather than later.

In fact, you will begin to feel the healing as you work through the mediation process. With the help of a neutral mediator, you and your spouse can summon the energy to resolve the issues of your divorce cooperatively and move beyond the emotions involved in divorce. Then both of you – and your children – can move out of the pain of the past and into comfort of the future.

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