Your Own Future Plans

Your Own Future Plans

Clarity about your plans is essential

Many people want to postpone figuring out their future plans until they know what the financial decisions will be, but this can become a question of the chicken or the egg. The more you understand about what you want to do with your life, the clearer you will be about the decisions you have to make. That’s why it’s called, “Your Own Future Plans”.

With the collecting of information, do-it-yourself is given its first real test, and the issue of whether each of you can be self-responsible may appear in sharp relief.

  • Is each of you disclosing all relevant concrete information fully, as you agreed at the start?
  • Do you both understand that information?
  • Is each of you thinking realistically about your own plans for the future?
  • And, critically, do you each understand the assembled information sufficiently to make the necessary decisions?
  • If not, are you willing to do what you need to do to gain that understanding?
If these questions cannot be answered with a “Yes,” the whole process can fall apart.

Having the same knowledge base allows you and your spouse to deal with each other as equals. And now, during this information-gathering period may be the time to bring in the guidance (of CDPINE if you think you need it).

You may want to meet with us to discuss the parenting plan, budgeting, lifestyle analysis, support calculations, tax consequences of the divorce, etc.

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