Divorce: Helping You Plan for the Future

Planning for the Future is an essential part when considering of in the process of divorce.  Separating or divorcing couples often face major changes in each of their personal financial circumstances today, tomorrow and beyond. The idea of understanding those financial changes and how they impact you and your family determines whether or not you have a good or bad divorce.

Divorce: Adversarial & Expensive or Cooperative & Efficient

Although divorce can be an adversarial and expensive process, we are able to provide something different: a cooperative and efficient approach to separation and divorce.  Our goal is to help you to make well-informed decisions with clarity and confidence regarding your children, yourself and your finances.  Divorce Planning Institute of New England will build a plan that is fair to each person and will be the basis for your court approved divorce agreement.

Benefits of Working With CDPINE:

  • Take Control of the divorce process by first understanding your options
  • Cost Savings – cheaper than a traditional divorce using the court system,
  • Less Stress – no court, no traditional attorneys, no forced timetable
  • Build Your Personalized Divorce Plan – this is your divorce, not your families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, relatives, lawyers, therapists, people on the street, etc.
  • Access to Other Resources – available when and if you need them.
  • Unbiased Divorce Financial Planning – we don’t sell (push!) products
  • Minimize – reduce taxes, maximize assets, and retire marital debt
  • Credit Readiness – set yourself up for any present or future borrowing needs
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A More Efficient, Cooperative, and Less Costly Alternative

Let’s discuss how you can make a more informed and better transition to the next stage of your life.